Within the Daicel inflator manufacturing framework, there are 7 plants involved in the manufacture of airbag inflators. These sites have been established all around the world – in Japan, China, USA, Thailand, Korea, and Poland. DSSA AZ was built to meet the expanding market needs in North America utilizing the knowledge and experience of personnel in high volume automotive production. DSSA AZ continues to expand the Daicel spirit of “We Save Lives”.

WARNING: Counterfeit and Salvaged Inflators
Our products are only sold and delivered to airbag module manufacturers. We do not sell our products to individuals or aftermarket dealers. Accordingly, the company cautions and warns against the purchase, installation or use of any airbag inflator that is not part of an original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) airbag module or not installed by a certified service provider. Such inflators are likely to be counterfeit (fake) or salvaged and should not be used. Such inflators do not meet our stringent safety and quality standards and therefore can cause harm and damage to personal property as well as personal injury or death. Use of a salvaged inflator voids our product warranty. THE COMPANY DISCLAIMS ALL SUPPORT AND WARRANTY INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE COMPATIBILITY AND PERFORMANCE OF COUNTERFEIT AND SALVAGED INFLATORS.

Latest News

October 2016

Location adjacent to Special Devices, Inc. in Mesa, Arizona selected for new airbag inflator factory.

The SDI Mesa factory began production of automotive airbag initiators and other pyrotechnic products in 1992. Daicel Corporation, a longtime customer of SDI, purchased the company in April 2012. In 2014, Daicel decided to expand the Mesa facility to reinforce Daicel’s automotive airbag inflator business and to meet the increasing demand for airbag inflators in the Americas, one of the world’s largest markets.

The long term relationship and established trust between Daicel and SDI were key in Daicel picking Mesa to build the new inflator factory. The location adjacent to the SDI facility and the ability to utilize SDI’s management team and workforce with decades of experience in the automotive airbag industry were also important considerations.

The immediate availability of SDI’s experienced management, its skilled work force and recognition as a local employer of choice was invaluable in entering the very competitive Global North American market. Additionally, SDI’s highly recognized commitment to safety has earned it the coveted OSHA VPP Star status.